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Rachel Kline Marketing & Creative: Values

Quality Content and Professional Design: 
Rachel Kline Marketing & Creative will never sacrifice quality for quantity. By only working with a small number of clients, your social media accounts and web design projects will always receive the attention they deserve. 

Honesty and Integrity: 
These qualities are at the heart of my business. Rachel Kline Marketing & Creative clients will always know they are getting my best work and that I am billing them accurately for time spent on creative work and marketing projects. 

Personalized Design: 
At Rachel Kline Marketing & Creative, automation tools will never be used to replace personalized social media content, but only to complement existing content and recycle evergreen content. Social media content will never be bulk scheduled or duplicated from one account to another. Web design services will include only the highest quality copy writing and photography, with each site possessing its own unique look and feel.

Client communication will always be answered in a timely manner and I will make every attempt to stay in contact with my clients on a regular basis to provide project updates and create relevant social media content. Clients should feel like they are very much a part of their social media strategy and it is my goal to educate and empower my clients in the areas of social media and marketing whenever possible.

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